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December 2012
End of the mixes, a very long and fatiguing part of the project. We carried a lot of equipment into one facility and then me and Maurizio mixed on two separate room all the songs. For this task I've used one of my new toys, a Neumann V475 summing amp, which performed and sounded great.
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November 2012
Another strings session, but this time in Budapest at the Budapest Radio Studios. It has been a truly amazing experience due the hi quality level of the orchestra and the technical crew and engineers.
Hello Miklos …

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October 2012
Strings recording session for the new project with some element of the Piccola Orchestra Pop. As usual it has been an interesting session, included all the discussions about "bow directions" n stuff.
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September 2012
We played with Renato Zero on "I Love Emilia" concert at Campovolo in Reggio Emilia, to raise money for the earthquake people. It has been a great concert with 14 different artist and more that 150.000 excited people singing and waving.
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August 2012
Moving the studio to Tuscany to write new songs, score etc. The perfect place to work in absolute relax, without any sort of pressure and stress.
The perfect place for me …
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July 2012
Keep working on the new project. Many ideas running around, many choices, many songs but seems quite good.

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June 2012
The new Franco Fasano album collection is out. Fortissimissimo is the title and the song I did is Colpevole. With a sort of fifties atmosphere, strings, brass and brushes surround Franco on this beautiful songs. I really had a lot of fun arranging this tune.
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May 2012
Live performance with Gino Paoli at the Wind Music Award inside the beautiful Arena of Verona. We played a couple of Lucio Dalla songs, dedicated to his memory. It has been a very touchy moment for everyone at the Arena.
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April 2012
Keep writing new songs for a future new projects. Tough work, many ideas on the trash but also something good to keep and work on.
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March 2012
The 26th of March I've played with Fabrizio Bosso, one of the greatest trumpet players on the jazz scene, at the "Panariello non esiste" TV show (Canale5), with Renato Zero singing and Giorgio Panariello performing one of his impression act.

It has been very exciting to perform with Fabrizio and considering that he plays regularly with jazz giants I was scared to death, but the duo worked out well and I'm very proud it happened.

On the same night Rai1 broadcasted Barbarossa movie, where I'm credited as arranger, orchestrator and co-composer of the soundtrack with Pivio & Aldo DeScalzi. That night I was everywhere …

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February 2012
The 26th and 27th of this month, Rai1 broadcasted a fiction about the famous Italian actor Walter Chiari. The soundtrack has been written by Pivio & Aldo de Scalzi and I've been part of it as orchestral arranger and scorer. It has been a very successful show sporting more than 5 millions people watching it.
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January 2012
After writing the score, I went to LogicalBox studio, recording with my favorite strings quintet, part of the Piccola Orchestra Pop. It has been a though session due to the fast beat, but we made it.