"An intriguing project quite adventurous in its own way, closer to soundtrack music with jazzy flavor and electronics contamination, than classic improvised jazz. A very pleasing thoroughly musical solo debut."

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This is what some customers wrote about MOVING

author: Les Quindipan - MOTU engineer
Jazz/fusion with a modern edge, "Moving" takes you on a musical journey that transcends genre. The compositions are beautifully crafted and orchestrated, the performances are polished, and the production is masterful. It all comes together and pours out. This is clearly an inspired effort by Danilo Madonia. Buy this CD, and listen and feel with your undivided attention!
author: Jeff Hunter
Congratulations to Danilo on an album of exquisite 'soundscapes' and great sonic quality, I am very impressed. Having been a sound engineer for most of my working life, I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of over-engineering a body of work. This is definitely not the case here and 'Moving' is a superb production, proving that very often, less is more and what you leave out is just as important as what you leave in. Of course, it helps a bit when the tunes are great and the playing is faultless! You have pulled it off - big style.
author: Wayne Yentis - Clavitar inventor
Yeah, it's too cool. But I keep playing it. So the miracle has happened, the musician has hired his best possible engineer and producer. And I keep playing it.
author: Paul Wilson (Songwriter/RecordProducer)
Danilo has been a good friend for many years but even I was totally suprised by the magic he has created on this CD. Each track created a new picture in your head. The quality of the musicianship is fantastic and the fusion of modern musican techniques with more traditional Jazz in as good as it gets. The album generally has a simular vibe to Miles Davies' TuTu. Most tracks invite a summer feeling but my favourite is 'Fulham Road' as I can relate totally to the musical imagery Danilo is trying to create. One word... Superb!

This is what All Music Guide reviewers wrote about some Moody Blues projects I've been involved into …


(credited as 5.1 mix & master engineer)
"The audio quality is exceptionally good as well, and the annotation is reasonably thorough, right down to identifying every instrument used by the musicians, including their amplifiers."  Bruce Eder - Read more …

(credited as arranger, player and mix & master engineer)

"The band is augmented by unofficial member and producer Danilo Madonia in the studio" … "In addition, it's beautifully orchestrated and produced. Its sound is pristine …"  Tom Jurek - Read More …

(credited as 5.1 mix & master engineer)

"The sound is very good, also a major surprise given that Royal Albert Hall, where it was recorded, is notorious as a poor venue for rock concerts."  Bruce Eder - Read more …

(credited as as arranger, player and mix engineer)

"The fact is, though, that this is about the liveliest and leanest that the group has sounded in more than 20 years. … Strange Times is still about as good an album as the Moody Blues have cut since the '70s."  Bruce Eder - Read more …