In this page you'll find a series of samples and examples of something I did on my musical career, from pop-rock music to film-tv series soundtracks … and beyond. I hope you like it.

These examples are made with samples, additive synthesis and sample modeling.


The Soundtrack compilation is made with excerpts from the Barbarossa Carnera La Mano de Dios Medicina Generale Distretto di Polizia movies. There are also some main themes from the above movie titles. It's all performed, arranged and scored by myself and composed by me, Pivio & Aldo de Scalzi.


What do bagpipes, tablas, baritone sax, wah wah guitar, drum loop , accordion, brass, strings section and Chinese violin have in common?

Silicon Orchestra

Here there's a version of a sections from the Bela Bartok's Concerto per Orchestra, plus some other tracks I wrote. It's all done with a custom orchestral setup template.

18th Century and Spring Awakenings are the first experiments with fake orchestra I did on mid nineties. Long ago but I still like them.

Contemporary …

Two contemporary soundtracks - whatever it mean - randomly played on TV on documentaries.


These are few demos I did for Native Instruments, MOTU and Synful. Apart the obvious Bela Bartòk "Intermezzo interrotto" everything else has been composed by me.