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December 2010
Tattica release a new Renato Zero "best of" album, a collection based on Renato's famous love songs combined with two great new songs, Segreto Amore, the single songs and Roma, the overture tune that opened the SeiZero show in Villa Borghese. Both songs features me as co-composer, arranger and sound engineer.
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November 2010
And now it's time to start to edit the SeiZero show for a DVD and TV show. We will going through the whole eight shows and select the best performances coupled with the better video shots. Once again it's going to be a great challenge and as usual we will do our best to realize the best product possible, for Renato and all his "sorcini" followers.
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October 2010
In the amazing location of Villa Borghese in Rome, the SeiZero show successfully played fm Sept 29th to Oct 9th. It has been a great and exhausting experience for everyone. We played on stage with Renato and every guest it has been invited, for an average of 3 hours and 45 minutes each night.
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September 2010
The SeiZero show rehearsal started in Rome at the Forum Village Studio. It's going to be a very tough and complicated moment for everyone, considering the fact that we have to prepare almost 80 songs for the show. And for me in particular, cos being the musical director I've got to arrange, prepare the scores and sequence most of those 80 songs. Wait, I forgot … we've got guests too!
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August 2010
On the August issue of InSound mag, there's a Q&A page interview with me. It's a series of point-blank questions, where I had to answer fast and easy. You can read it here.
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July 2010
Starting to prepare score and pre-production for the "SeiZero" show, happening in Rome at the end of September. It's going to be big, with band, orchestra, guests, choir, nice "roman" scenography and more.
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June 2010
The "personal project" I'm working on, with Maurizio Parafioriti, is happily continuing its own way. We're slowly collecting positive answers from very special guests, and … it already sounds great!
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May 2010
Finally on May the 11th, the long awaited Renato Zero's Presente - ZeroNoveTour DVD, hit the market all over Italy. After only 2 weeks, jumped n°1 on the chart. Recorded at Milano Music Forum on December 2009 by Alberto Parodi and Marco Raffo of LogicalBox Mobile, it has been mixed by Maurizio Parafioriti and myself on Jan-Feb 2010 at LogicalBox studio in Genova. On this project I'm credited as musical director, arranger of the tour and keyboard player.
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April 2010
A new surprising personal project just started, and probably will be ready by late fall 2010. I can't really say too much about it cos it's still on early stage, but it's going to be a very interesting musical production so, hold on your curiosity :)
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March 2010
Among some new things boiling on the pot, I did the new Banca Intesa tv spot. In collaboration with Flavio Ibba, we wrote the music for this commercial directed by Paolo Virzì. The spot is broadcasted on Rai, Mediaset and SKY networks.
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February 2010
After having recorded two shows in Milano on December 2009, ZeroNove tour and Tattica will deliver on 2010, a very nice surprise for all the "sorcini".
In the meantime Medicina Generale season 2 continues its striking course on Rai3, with new characters, actions and coup de theatre.
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January 2010
On Saturday, January 2nd, Rai3 showed the movie "La Mano De Dios". The life of the former football player Diego Armando Maradona is recreated in this film, from his childhood up to his first heart attack. Shooted on 2007, directed by Marco Risi, features Marco Leonardi, Julieta Diaz and Juan Leyrado. The soundtrack has been written by Pivio & Aldo de Scalzi and I've scored and arranged it.
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