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December 2009
On December Rai will start to show the new episodes of Medicina Generale - season 2, whose music has been arranged and orchestrated by me.
ZeroNove tour will carry on its booming road until December 22nd. We will play in Padova, Milano and in Rome again. Words of mouth said that this has been a triumphant show!
November 2009
Continuing the successful ZeroNove Tour throughout Italy. In the coming months we'll be playing Bologna, Ancona, Rome, Eboli, Genova and Torino. It's amazing to see how many people are joining us in these shows and how much love and affection is shown by the "sorcini" to Renato, who is obviously overwhelmed and overjoyed by them.
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From November 13th, Supermarket - the new Gaetana album - will be available in every store in Italy, breaking the usual monotonous series of music announcements, like a shot in the dark. Everyone seems interested and curious about this so called "unofficial CD", which is really the very first project featuring Gaetana-Giusy as a singer-writer.
It's gonna be very interesting :) 
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October 2009
On October the 5th, the movie Barbarossa on which I've been working since February 2009, will be available in cinemas throughout Italy. It’s directed by Renzo Martinelli and features great actors such as Rutger Hauer, F. Murray Abraham, Raz Degan and Kasia Smutniak.
I've arranged and scored the soundtrack which was composed by Pivio & Aldo DeScalzi, co-writing several sections of it with them. Barbarossa has been my very first "costume movie", a nice, fatiguing but interesting and challenging project. I wouldn't mind doing another one sooner or later. 
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October 16th 2009, the Renato Zero's ZeroNove Tour started from Acireale (CT) with two breathtaking shows. In this big production, apart from the usual seven guys in the band - me included - there is a 30 strong orchestra playing, conductor included.
After the long rehearsals the positive reaction from the audience was great and also a relief for all of us. Also we've had a lot of favourable reviews from most of the correspondents of the major newspaper in Italy so … we probably kicked off on the right foot. 
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September 2009
A month of long, interesting and tiring rehearsals for the ZeroNove Tour. Located in Formello - Rome, we worked in the biggest studio room of FilmHouse, famous for being the primary location of many Italian television series and commercials. As I said earlier, playing up to eight pm, our day has been quite tiring for everyone, but then when you think that people usually work that much everyday, for most of their lifetime, well … playing really becomes a pleasure. 
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August 2009
A couple weeks of additional recording and arrangements for the upcoming album of Gaetana alias Giusy Ferreri. It has been really a pleasure working on these 'old' but still fresh songs and I'm looking forward to hearing the fans’ response. Something tells me that it should be favourable but let’s wait and see. 
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July 2009
This month we're gonna start to build the project - on paper - of the ZeroNove tour. Song choice, arrangements, running order, many things to be carefully selected to try and imagine the whole scenario of the live show. It's a very exacting and meticulous time. 
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June 2009
The project of Barbarossa's soundtrack is finally completed. After a long period of work we all are very satisfied about it. Looking forward to see and hear it (obviously) on the big screen. It should be … colossal 
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May 2009
A month of heavy work for the Barbarossa final battle scenes, almost 15 mins non stop, "in sync" with the picture, which is - I tell you - very tough to do. But the final result must be great so … keep working on it. In the meantime almost every other scene has been finished and cleaned up so, we're close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 
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April 2009
Renato Zero's album (Presente) got a triple platinum after only one month of its launch on the market. Needless to say this is really something I was dreaming about, but it was honestly totally unexpected. Too good to be true :) 

In the meantime we've appeared in several TV show to promote Presente:
Domenica In (Rai1), X-Factor (Rai2), Che Tempo Che Fa (Rai3), Matrix (Canale5), Wind Music Award (Canale5) etc …
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March 2009
After three months of songwriting and pre-prod, four months of studio recording and mixing and many other things which would be too complicated to explain on this occasion, on March the 20th, Presente - the new Renato Zero project - will hit the market. 
Now we just have to cross our fingers and wait … 
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February 2009
Just started to arrange and score a new soundtrack project for a costume movie called Barbarossa. Directed by Renzo Martinelli, the music is written by Pivio & Aldo de Scalzi. This is, more or less, the story:

Around the year 1100, the Italian northern lands were ruled by a German Emperor, Fredrik Hohenstaufen aka Barbarossa. A young man from Milan - Alberto da Giussano - formed an army called "the company of death", to fight and defeat the emperor and restore freedom to the northern lands. 
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January 2009
The mastering scenario, the most difficult moment at the end of a long studio session, where the song collection turns into a whole project and the words "the record is finished" are carved in a stone :)

We're working at the Logicalbox studio of Alberto Parodi in Genova and apparently everything sounds very good. Later we'll move to Pozzoli CD factory in Inzago (Milano) where the printing process will start.